The Superior Surface Experience

Our company mission is to always provide the most cutting edge innovations in coating applications with quality artistic impressions of today's most popular patterns and styles. When our staff accommodates your resurfacing needs; we do it with professional, friendly staff who've all gone through rigorous training to ensure our customers get the best product for the best price possible.

  • Kitchen
    What Superior Surface, LLC technicians do to modernize kitchen counters is in and of itself unique. We apply a high solid Quartz enhanced poly blend of enamels to go over any old surface with an end product that meets or beats a customers expectations each and every time. This same unique process can be applied to cabinets, backsplashes, tile features and just about any surface one can think of.
  • Bath
    Bathtubs get our trademarked Kalladium service to ensure that they last. 5 year commercial warranty and 10 year residential warranty comes standard on our Kalladium brand of finishes that seal out old fixtures and give every customer a high end new look without the expense or ongoing maintenance old surfaces demand. With up to 80% savings over the cost of replacement it just makes sense to use a company that's been around for nearly 15 years and ALWAYS stands behind our products.
  • Specialty
    Superior Surface special services are integrated into fiberglass repairs, hospital finishes, school updates and remodels, cabinet door replacement even small fabrication jobs for options that go beyond resurfacing. Our brand and commitment to your facility or home makes us the most preferred and most referred resurfacing company in just about any market. Our expertise and pledge to uphold the highest business ethics is why we really are #1.

Our quality finished surfaces are in nearly 40,000 homes in South-Eastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, with on average 5 new jobs on referrals alone every week.

We blend, produce, and bottle our own Kalladium Brand Finishes right here in Wisconsin which brings noticable savings and higher quality control to our customers.

All of our skilled technicians are artisan trained in house and at least 18 months of apprenticeship before being allowed to work on their own.

We have resurfaced enough linear feet of countertop to span America from West to East Coast, that's over 11 Million Feet of countertop surfaces!